Who is She?

There are few who can rock sequined sneakers and faux fur with conviction, but when youʼre settled in your skin like Toni Estes, you can pull off just about anything. Dookie rope chains…a champagne cropped fade, polka dots and plaid. Yes – if her clothes and accessories are any indication, Estes embodies all that is eclectic. And her forthcoming album is sure to reflect her distinct style. Thatʼs right, the Oklahoma native is reintroducing herself to the music scene, and this time sheʼs bigger,
bolder, more brazen and unapologetic than ever.

“When I released my first album, I was bright-eyed and bushy-tailed…singing about what I thought I knew,” said Estes. “Now Iʼve experienced real life – wife-life, mommyhood, and Yo Gabba Gabba – and that has grown me. Iʼve had the opportunity to give and receive true love with my husband, and Iʼm ready to share my journey with the world….I guess thatʼs what peace and parenthood does to a girl.”

True, the industry, like the weather, has changed, but for those who wonder whether the Two-Eleven artist can really do this, Estes has this to say, “Iʼve lived the Hollywood life – the sound checks, airplanes, late nights in the studios – and that was cool, but now itʼs really about the music.” Cradling a notebook adorned with her toddlerʼs heart shaped doodles, scribbles and scratches, she says, “Iʼm a wife, a mother, a sister, a friend and a whole lot of other things to a bunch of people. This album is a reflection of my growth – the person Iʼve become. And, this time Iʼm singing songs with substance. Trust me. You can feel what Iʼm saying.”

And sheʼs not lying. Estesʼ to-be-named album is full of been-there, done-that tracks laced with undeniable authenticity and a velvety smooth sound that is all her own. Itʼs a treat for the self-proclaimed grown and sexy crowd with twist of spunk and surprise for the thirty-somethings .

Sure many artists have attempted the comeback, and when asked what makes this attempt different from the rest, Estes sits back in her plush purple sofa and cooly says, “Everything…and nothing.” For the confused folks in the crowd, she explains, “Music
isnʼt something that dies. Times change – people change, but music is the universal equalizer.” She continues, “Iʼve changed – Iʼve grown, and thatʼs different, but thereʼs nothing different about the passion and love I bring to my music. This project is a reflection of that.”

The Grammy-nominated songbird, photographer and philanthropist; the nicely packaged bombshell in peep toe pumps; sheʼs back, and sheʼs intense as ever…with the same girl next door appeal that marked her 2001 debut. Sheʼs ready!