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Smoke and Mirrors

Social media can be a terrible thang!! So i’m coming out of the store with my two kiddos a few months ago(looking less than turned up) and a lady says, “Is your name Toni”? I say, “yes”, and then she says “I follow you on Instagram”!! “You and your kiddos are so cute”! Immediately I did a mental scan of what I had on, and what my kids had on. They were cute, but me? Not so much.LOL This is not the first time someone has made mention of how i’m “cute all the time” and “how I do a great job doing all the things I do and being a mom, and staying fly”. Ummmmm…I never really know how to respond to that!! I’m always thinking, “you have no idea”!LOL Most people see me in a little tiny box in the form of a profile photo or an IG video. Out of the 1 kajillion photos I post on FB and IG, those still only account for about 5% of my real life. Of course I’m cute on my social media photos, I set it up that way. Like most of us do. Nobody has anything to gain by posting busted pictures on the internet! Now if you were to run into me at the grocery store, you might feel a little disappointed. I don’t where those blue lips, and those long lashes to Kroger. I usually wear jeans, a graphic tee, sequins sneakers and NO makeup with shades. I’m not saying that what you see of me is not real. What I post is 100% real. It’s just so much more going on in my life than what I post. Perfect days and some days overwhelmed with challenges.

My Point: Don’t let social media intimidate you. Don’t let it make you feel some kind of way about your own life. I’m guilty of doing that myself. I’ll see somebody’s photos and think, “dang, how do they squeeze all that into their day?”, or “they do all kinds of fun projects with their kids, I need to get on it”!! Not realizing, that A. it’s really just a project a month, it just seems like a bunch because you don’t follow them like that. AND B. They have chosen to stay home and be an awesome TRUE Stay at Home Mom and wife. No side projects. No photography business, no recording albums. So technically i’m not comparing apples to apples. Long story short. Do you!! Don’t worry about what other peoples lives look like. It’s a possibility that those people are actually 100% of everything great that you see on social media. I’m just simply saying don’t stress yourself out and jump through a bunch of unnecessary hoops trying to measure up. In a lot of cases it’s a bunch of smoke and mirrors. Not smoke and mirrors that the people created, but smoke and mirrors we’ve created for them. They post a picture of them walking their dog with a rhinestone collar. We see a picture of them walking their dog on the beach with a DIAMOND collar, Chanel bows on their ears, headed toward the Maserati their owner just bought.LOL Way TOO MUCH!! #IJS Do you…and feel good about it!!!

Toni E.


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